Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Appointment Tomorrow

I have another OB appointment tomorrow afternoon.  This appointment has 2 major things going on:

1. An ultrasound to see if my placenta has ventured upward so the doctor can lift my current activity restrictions.
2. 1 hour glucose test! YUCK!

I am mostly nervous for the glucose test because I've heard that it is disgusting and also, I've been addicted to sweets for the past month so I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't go well.  All I want is carbs and sugar!  Uh oh!

I'll keep you updated on how the appointment goes!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pack N Play, Diaper Bag, Flowers...oh my!

Just the latest on all of my baby purchases and projects...

I ordered and received the pack n play/bassinet/changing table that we wanted for downstairs.  I am pretty proud of this because I put it together all by myself while Matt was working out.  I think it is pretty darn cute :)  I have it crammed in a corner downstairs so it will be out of the way till we need it.

I also decided on a diaper bag.  Mom and I went to Nordstrom and stopped by the baby department.  The sweet young gal working there was a mom and swore by her diaper bag - Timi & Leslie Charlie Bag - so I was convinced when we left.  I also received that today and it is a bit bigger than I thought it was...along the size of a travel day bag but it is so cute! It looks just like a purse and it comes with a small clutch which will be perfect for keeping my cards and other necessities:

Finally, I finished putting the flowers on the tree in the nursery.  I glued all of the rhinestones on the flowers over the past few days and they were ready to go up!

Lots going on!! Oh my!!

Now I'm getting nervous...

Hi everyone!  Let me catch you up on all that has happened over the past few days. 

As I wrote before, I was in Seattle for the weekend for a work event but I had the opportunity to hang out with my mom and dad on Saturday and Sunday, which was great.  I had been avoiding registering for the baby because every time I went to pick things out, I would start to get overwhelmed and panic, so I would just end up avoiding it completely.  Mom said she would help me with it this weekend.  We made our way down to Babies R Us and Target and began the process.  Let's just say it was not the most pleasant experience. 

First, the stores were PACKED!  It seemed like we had to maneuver to get through every isle and look at the items.  Second, there are WAY too many choices!  I'm not a mom yet...I don't know what kind of bottle my baby will like or what humidifier is best and I don't want to become that crazy mom that either has way too much stuff all over the house or loses her mind once the baby comes because she is so unprepared.  Thank goodness my mom was there to help guide me because I would have surely ran out of the store in a panic if I hadn't had her help.  Just as we were completing my registry, I thought I would put on the glider that I wanted (because you get 10% off towards the end of your pregnancy for anything on your registry) and the Babies R Us lady told me it would be a 4 month lead time to get the fabric I wanted...I almost burst into tears (I blame hormones) because I don't have 4 months and it sort of just hit me like a freight train!  After spending an exhausting day trying to get everything right, I realized that I have 3 months till this baby comes! GULP!!! I'm feeling very much like that unprepared crazy mom to be...

Ok - so weekend was over and as I was flying back home I realized that I really look pregnant now.  Either my mom fed me way too much over the weekend (strong possibility) or this is actually happening (another reality check moment).  I seriously feel like my belly grew over the weekend and I am bigger today than I was on Thursday when I left. 

Then comes Tuesday...I'm lucky enough to have a best friend that is a labor & delivery nurse at the hospital where I will be delivering so Matt and I got the private tour of the delivery rooms and the mother & baby rooms.  The hospital was great and it was really nice to be able to see everything before the big moment arrives but it was another serious reality check moment...I started to get extremely nervous because this is all becoming very real.  Of course I knew what I was getting into but 9 months sounds like such a long time and in the beginning, you can't wait for the end to be here so you can meet your baby but then it goes by pretty quickly and all of the sudden you realize your whole life is going to drastically change within a matter of months.  YIKES! 

This is really happening!! I'm just trying to pray through the panic moments :).  Don't get me wrong...I could not be more thrilled and excited but I am also feeling very nervous for all of the unknowns that will be flooding in soon.

On another note, if you all could pray for a friend of mine at work.  His wife found out she had breast cancer while she was pregnant with their first child and they had the baby about 1 month early so she could get the necessary chemo for her cancer.  Baby is doing great but mom is going through chemo and having a bit of a rough time so please keep them in your prayers!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

24 Weeks Today - 112 Days To Go!

Today marks 24 weeks...only 112 days to go!  I've been feeling good.  Occasionally tired but that is to be expected.  I'm sick of not being able to lift or carry anything.  Thankfully our next ultrasound is already scheduled for Feb 2nd, so they will be able to tell if my placenta has transitioned upwards to where it should be and if that is the case, the activity and lifting restrictions should be lifted.

Matt finally was patient enough to feel the baby kick last night which was pretty exciting! His face lit up and he exclaimed, "I think I felt it!!"  Then he put her in a time out for kicking daddy :) LOL.  She was kicking like a little maniac last night for a good hour.  Almost to the point where I couldn't fall asleep.  I can't imagine how much more aggressive it will get as she gets bigger and her room gets smaller.  Yikes!

The big Zones sales kickoff and 2010 awards banquet is on Friday so I will be flying over to Seattle tomorrow for the festivities and staying over the weekend to hang with my parents.  It is going to be a LONG day in heels, which I pretty much have avoided since pregnancy.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Diary of a craft challenged mother to be...

My husband was out of town for the weekend so what do I decide to do with all of my spare time?  Go to the craft store, of course!  Now, most of you know that I am probably the least crafty person alive but I figured I would give it a shot.  I always have a lot of great ideas but actually implementing them is a huge challenge for me.  I had 2 projects over the weekend - 1 was successful and the other...well...not so much.

The first project was gluing rhinestones on the flowers that are going on the tree in the nursery.  I don't have a glue gun and, even though Matt was bringing back one of my mom's with him from his trip, impatience got the best of me and I decided that I could just use superglue.  Unfortunately, after letting the superglue dry overnight, I realized that the glue had eaten through all of the silver backing leaving the rhinestones milky and cloudy looking.  Not exactly the effect I was going for.  BUMMER!  Matt did get the glue gun and brought it back with him so I will be off to the craft store to get more flowers and attempt this project again.  Live and learn!

My second project turned out better than the first.  I picked up cut out wooden letters for her name and picked out some fun black, white and pink paint.  I figured I would paint them somehow but had no clue what I was really going to do.  On most occasions, this is where I would purchase the paint and letters and then have every intention of completing the project but they would inevitably get stashed in a cupboard somewhere and remain untouched.  BUT...I was determined to complete this project, even if it ended in disaster.  I patiently painted several coats of black and white paint on to the different letters and then I even patiently allowed them to dry before trying to paint the polka dots.  Personally, I think they look great - especially since I (craft challenged woman) created them.  Here is a pic:

My plan is to hang them up above her crib using pink satin ribbon.  I'll be sure to post a final look picture once they are up.

Hopefully my next attempt at the flowers will turn out ok and I will post that as well.

Have a great day!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stella and Michael = Love or Hate?

Last week I read that the baby can hear music and feel dancing so I've been playing more music while I'm working.  I've played all sorts of music but so far her favorite (or least favorite) is Michael Buble and the rat pack style of music.  Every time that style of music comes on, she moves like crazy.  I'm trying to decide if moving equals love and she is dancing around in there or if she is squirming to try and cover her ears. HA! Can't you just picture her going, "Agggggggh turn it off!!!!"

Ok ok...I know I'm probably over thinking her movement but it is interesting to think about.  She even started moving when Miss Hawaii sang a Frank Sinatra song during Miss America last night.  Makes you go hmmmmmmm...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Advice Needed

Ok - calling all moms and all people that know moms for advice.  I'm starting to get to that stage where I feel very unprepared for this baby and very overwhelmed with what items are needed and what items are overkill.  So far I have purchased a crib, a mattress for the crib, a swing (recommended by a friend), a stroller and a car seat.  Other than that, I'm at a loss for what I really need. 

Let's start with diaper bags...we all know that I will NEED one of those but I keep going back and forth with what I need in a diaper bag. I'm trying to balance my superficial desire to have a cute bag with the need for space and functionality.  Here are some things I think are important:

* Big enough but not too big (how is that for specific - hee hee)
* Zipper top - I would lose things if it tips over which it inevitably will do
* Non-black liner.  I've heard that it is difficult to find items with a black liner
* I like the idea of it not screaming, "Look at me...I'm a diaper bag" since it will most likely double as my purse when I'm with the baby.

Here are some options that I like and would love your input:

Beyond the superficial diaper bag, tell me what you couldn't live without (or your friends with kids couldn't live without)...I still need advice on:

* Carrying sling
* Bottles
* Swaddling Blankets
* Diaper products
* Hygiene products
* Bouncers

What else?? Help!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Vivid Dreams

I know many of you that keep up with this blog are friends that are looking to get pregnant in the near future.  Let this post serve as a warning to you...Beware of what you watch on TV right before you fall asleep!

 I've noticed that I have to be careful with what I watch right before I fall asleep because those images and stories will make their way into my dreams.  Dreams which, since I have been pregnant, are VERY vivid and easy to remember.  I'm assuming that I remember these dreams more because I am up in the night so often to use the restroom and they must just stay in the forefront of my mind.

Well, last night I was watching the news and it was covering the recent shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and several other innocent bystanders.  I also had just watched the movie "Knight and You" with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, over the weekend which I think also played a part in this whole dream.  And wouldn't you know dream somehow became a horrifying hostage situation.  Here it goes:

It began with me being an undercover FBI agent (of course...what else would I be!!) My undercover team and I were just patrolling the area we were assigned to when we got a call that there were shots fired at a party at a local mansion (yes...mansion - I know it's crazy).  We were then told to try and infiltrate the mansion and pose as guests at this party and essentially become hostages ourselves.  Somehow this task was much easier than it should have been...we basically just walked in and sat down amongst the other people inside the mansion.  My entire FBI team of 5 people were all sitting in this huge foyer with about 30 other people from the party. 

The men that were holding us all hostage were obviously frantic...they were running around yelling at each other and trying to keep control, however people kept going in and coming out of the front door without any problem.  The whole situation didn't make sense to me.  Soon, they found out there were FBI inside the mansion and proceeded to threaten us all until we gave ourselves up.  They would take each line of about 5-10 people into separate rooms in the mansion and question us all.  By this time, my team had spread out and we were no longer in the same line with each other.  I was the only agent in my line of hostages and we were taken to the room with the indoor pool.  I only really remember this because everything the guy with the gun kept saying was echoing throughout the room and hard to understand.  I remember surveying the room as we entered; trying to come up with exit strategies in case they were needed.

It was about this time that I woke up and went to the restroom.  Being the mean wife that I am, I woke Matt up to tell him this horrible dream I had been having.  He, of course, said that it was just a dream and I should go back to sleep.  As I started to dose off, I did everything I could to try and will myself to have a different dream but I was not that lucky...

When I finally fell back asleep, I somehow was back in the main foyer with all of the other hostages, however I was the only agent left.  Either the other agents were picked out and "dealt with" or they had escaped somehow.  I could hear the FBI negotiator on the phone with the guy in charge.  He became distracted and kept pacing into the other room.  He would disappear for several minutes and then return.  He seemed to be the only bad guy that was in the room with us at the time.  During one of his absences, I identified myself as FBI to the hostages and told them that when he disappeared again, we were all going to make a break for the entrance and run till we got to safety.  Sure enough, as predicted, he came back in - still chatting with the FBI negotiator - and then left again.  We all got up and ran.  We kept running until we were next to the police and FBI outside of the scene.  I remember thinking that it was way too easy and as we exited, the SWAT team immediately entered the mansion.

I don't really think this dream had a definite ending but I remember being content with knowing that there were no civilian casualties and that everyone had made it out safely. 

Such a strange dream and so vivid.  I really did feel the intensity of the situation whenever I would wake up.  Hopefully the stress I endured during the dream doesn't affect little Stella - LOL...maybe I'll watch something a little less grim next time I go to sleep!

Sweet dreams!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Nursery Continues...

Matt and I woke up with the urge to start putting together the items that we had purchased for the nursery.  We started with the crib.  Surprisingly, it wasn't very hard at all.  We had one mishap in the beginning where the part that was supposed to be facing inside was facing outside but it was easy to correct and then we were much more conscientious of our next moves.  All in all, I think it looks beautiful!

Then we moved on to our little lambie swing (which we heard is like crack for babies).  We desperately wanted this swing but we weren't sure it was really worth the money so we were going to hold off.  Then last weekend, we went to Babies R Us and it just happened to be on SALE!!!  So we used Stella's Christmas money from Great Grandma and Grandpa to splurge on it.  It is so soft and cuddly!

After all of that, we still hadn't killed each other and decided to attempt to put the tree on the wall.  This was the most challenging task of the day because it truly required us to work together.  Once we had everything where we wanted it and got the hang of the application process, it became much less stressful!  In the end, I think it looks so amazing...take a look...

Now I just have to find the right flowers and rhinestones to put the finishing touches on it.  That will all have to wait for another day because our next task is to cheer on the Seahawks at 1:30 as they play the Saints in the playoffs!  GO HAWKS!

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Nursery Begins

Happy New Year everyone! 

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's celebration and made it out alive and well.  My New Year's celebration was so much fun! I spent it with my friends at a cabin at Priest Lake.  I have to tell you that I was craving that champagne as it was passed around at midnight but I was a good little pregnant lady and abstained.  The sweet waitress that brought out the champagne for our table noted that Matt and I weren't drinking and brought out a beautiful 7-Up and huckleberry mixture in champagne glasses for us so we could cheers with the rest of the group in style.

On to the nursery...

Matt had today off from work so I he diligently began working on the nursery.  He did such a great job painting the walls.  Our plans for the nursery are just beginning with a coat of Tiffany blue colored paint.

Once that dries, we will be adding our vinyl white tree to the wall and hopefully it will look something like this:

After we do the tree, we intend to do the bedding in hot pink, black and white - I know, I know...that is a bit different than the normal baby girl's room but we like it and I guess that is what really matters, right?

Here are the fabrics that we are thinking of using for the bedding:

I know this nursery is not the sweet pastel nursery that many are used to but I have a feeling our little Stella probably will be a little red headed spit fire and would fit just fine in a bright and crazy room :)

Happy New Year to you all! Here is to an amazing 2011! Cheers!