Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Squealing Stella

So I think I have mentioned in my past posts that Stella is going through a squealing phase.  Here is a video that proves it...she was thoroughly enjoying an episode of Raising Hope.


Friday, September 9, 2011

4 Month Check Up

Stella and I just returned from her 4 month check up and she could not be more PERFECT!

So, they make you get the baby naked so they can accurately weigh them and sure enough, Stella dropped a little fun surprise in her diaper right as we were walking into the exam room.  And apparently they have to treat diapers as a "bio hazard" and put them in a special trash can.  It was a way bigger deal than it should have been but oh well!

She weighed in at 14lb 11oz, almost double her birth weight, which put her just above the 50th percentile.  She was 24.25" long which put her right at the 50th percentile and her head circumference was just under the 50th percentile, which doesn't surprise me one bit since I am her mother and I have a teeny tiny head.

She then received her 4 month vaccines and gave a delayed cry of pain but I picked her up and cuddled her when it was done and she calmed down right away. By the time we were walking out of the office, she was smiling for all of the ladies at the front desk.  On the way home, she conked out and got a good little nap.

Overall, it was a great visit.  The doctor said she is a completely healthy baby that is growing right on track.  Our next appointment is set for November 3rd...just after she turns 6 months.

Cutting Her First Tooth read that right.  Little Miss Stella is cutting her first tooth at just 4 months old.  The doctor thought that her fussiness, low fever, cold symptoms and drool could all be attributed to the first tooth making an appearance soon but we couldn't feel anything at the time of her appointment so I just brushed it off.  Then after having a fabulous weekend with Grammy and Grampy (aka Grumpy), she had a horribly fussy day on Monday with her nanny.  On Tuesday, she calmed down a bit and by Tuesday night I could feel a little tooth cutting out of her gums.

She has been much less fussy since it has popped through the gum a bit but she is drooling like it is her job.  You always hear how much babies drool when they are cutting teeth but let me tell you, Stella is DROOOOOOOOLING!  We basically have to keep bibs on her at all time to keep from drowning in it.  We are hoping that this also explains the slight "sleep regression" she has been experiencing lately.  Our sweet baby has gone from sleeping 6-9 hours a night to 4-6 if we are lucky.  It is making for one tired mama but I'm hoping she'll go back to sleeping well once this teething business is old news.

We are off to her 4 month well baby check up and she will get her next set of vaccinations.  I will definitely update you all on her growth and progress after the appointment.

Happy drooling to you all :)