Monday, October 1, 2012

Stella the Gymnast

Stella is enrolled in gymnastics! heard me.  Sure, she is only 16 months old but hey...why wait to begin building coordination and kinesthetic awareness?

The class is 16 months-3 years old, so she is definitely the youngest in her class.  She doesn't quite know what to do but still seems to have a good time.  We've only done 2 classes so far but she is already improving.  The first class consisted of me lifting her and carrying her through different stations.  But the second class was much better.  She went on the trampoline by herself (granted she still can't hop with 2 feet but she liked it all the same), and ran to the vault by herself.  She is even getting the hang of tucking her chin to do a forward roll by herself. 

Most of all, I'm proud of what a good listener she is.  She stays in circle time to stretch (even though she has no idea what we are doing) and follows the cirtuit activities well.

Here is a picture of her in her new leotard after our first day of gymnastics (9/19/12)

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